Manners for teachers

Politician, lawyer, doctor, veterinarian, dog trainer, teacher, manner teacher, manner for people who are considered as experts.
Manner is consideration from the other person's standpoint, and when you do this for another person's benefit, there is a happy-happy relationship with each other.
Without manners, people, animals, plants, objects, and nature would be hurt.
If grown ups don't have manners, children cannot learn manners.
If politicians don't have manners, they cannot change our country.
If lawyers don't have manners, people cannot be saved.
If doctors don't have manners, people cannot be saved.
If veterinarians don't have manners, animals and their guardians and people can not be saved.
If pet trainers and pet sitters don't have manners, the number of victims will increase.
  • When a manner teacher doesn't understand what real manners are, then “genuine manners” will not be delivered and will not spread.

    We will organize our manners for the people who are considered as experts, such as politicians, lawyers, doctors, teachers and manner teachers etc.

    For people who have a professional career, we think it necessary to learn basic general business manners as a human, and a business person - beside your specialist professional knowledge. On that basis, I hope you will succeed in your career and in your specialized field.

    In recent years, problems have increased between the customers and patients since people don't know the most basic of basic manners.

    Law firms, hospitals, animal hospitals, pet training facilities, pet shops and schools are service businesses.

    Please enjoy and experience our special manner training and manner consulting held by Hiroko and find out what is real manners.

    Your common sense may not be always right?! Let's go back to basics and learn real and proper business manners.

Manners for kids

Manners for the children who go to elementary school, junior high school, high school or university.
  • Recently in Japan, there is a suggestion that some high school students should be allowed to graduate after 2 years of study – a year earlier than normal, in order to use the additional year at university to cultivate the skills required to play an important role in international society.

    If you learn english skills or any other language skills, or indeed any other specialist knowledge without caring for other people and learning the strengthen of humanity, long term you won't be able to effectively contribute to international society.

    People who are consistently successful, always carry manner powers, which is a power of humanity.

    Please feel free to contact us about manner education, before your new graduates or interns experience the world of work or business.

    We will explain clearly to these young people why we need real manners, and give them a memorable class and seminar, one which does not simply cover the formalities manners.

Office Manners

Manner communication training at your office, hospital, Local community and training programs such as sales and marketing, customer service, business dining
  • One day consists of 24 hours. We sleep for about 8 hours. So we have 16 hours awake.

    How many hours do you spend at work?

    I think you spend most of your time at the office.

    The depression caused by work or by the work environment is continually increasing.

    Our motto is “work happily and create a good atmosphere at the workplace “ We aim to make the time more productive for your manner power.


Family Manners

Manner communication with your children, your favorite pet dog, your partner, and relatives.
  • We always want to live daily with a smile.
    That is everybody's wish.

    We believe that manner is the consideration which you place yourself in the other person's standpoint.
    We will suggest and offer the necessary manner so that everybody spend the life with a smile.

    Let's learn a little secret to improve your life.

Public Manners for use on a daily basis

Public manner training for daily basis such as pets, transportation (cars, buses, bicycles etc)
  • We often feel uncomfortable or dangerous in daily life.

    To make a comfortable and peaceful society, with a smile, we would like to spread our manner which consider from the other person's standpoint on daily basis.

    We try to improve the level of the whole society by learning our little secret (manners/ caring).

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