New employees in 2012 Manners Level
  • Hiroko Nishide, the president of this association, appeared and provided commentary on the TV show 'Tokudane' ( Fuji TV) on Tuesday, April 24th
    The report for the members of this association has been published
What is the standard of Manners for Japanese politicians and teachers?
  • The report had been published
Are there any lawyers who have business manners?
  • The report has been published.
What is the standard of manners for the ever expanding pet industry?
  • Vets and animal hospitals with good manners.
    The harm caused by dog trainers.
    Standards of manners at Pet shops.
What is the standard of manners at hospitals?
  • The report has been published.
Thank you for visiting our homepage.
  • This association was established on February 2nd 2012.
The manners we propose is consideration from the other person's standpoint.
  • As a result, people in Japan and indeed all over the world will help each other, and smile at each other in our society.
We will guide you on how to communicate from your heart, with manners that places you in the other person's position. And then teach you the skills, techniques and rules to follow to achieve this.
Our manners communication will lead to a large decrease in number of self-slayers and depression.
Our homepage will be open soon.
If you have any inquiries or interviews request, please contact us as below.
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