Association Overview

  • “What is manner?” “Why do we need good manner?”
    Many people just know the word “manner” without thinking about the meaning or trying to understand it better.

    Manner is consideration from the other person's standpoint, and when you do this for another person's benefit, there is a win-win result, such as a happy-happy relationship with each other.

    When this “genuine manners” spreads, as a result there will be no trouble in Japan and all over the world.
    That's why we need the manners.

    Until now in Japan, the manners are “ how to bow” or “ what do we do at ceremonial occasions” etc, and this “ form and format” became normal culture and we consider this as manners.
    But even though we learn such “ form and formats”, it doesn't mean we can be happy all of the time.

    This may end up causing feigned politeness in a relationship.

    The more important things aside “form and formats” are “heart and consideration”.
    Real and genuine manners involve expressing the “heart and consideration” by using this “form and format”.
  • Also, it seems that with education in Japan, we don't teach how to question, “why do we need to do that?”., so the manners becomes superficial, and you can not tell the true meaning of essential manners.
  • In addition, I question if people who are considered experts, such as public officers including politicians, teachers, doctors and veterinarians really know good manners? Did you ever take offense from the words or behaviors of those experts?
  • The manners we teach should not only be applied to people, but also to the old, the young, the children, and indeed throughout nature including animals and plants.
  • We have to treat each of them delicately, and interact with them in a kind and considerate way.

    That's what the real manner is, and when you learn this manner you will strengthen humanity and become a human power.

    For the future in Japan and the world, first of all we – the grown ups, must know and learn what the real manners are.
    As a result, many children, animals and plants will be saved.

    When you have consideration and understanding of the other person's standpoint, there will be no trouble between each other.
    If there is no such trouble, the number of people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses, and the number of suicide victims will decrease.
    Thus, we have to educate on what is real manner, and also bear in mind the formal culture such as heritage and traditional practice to the children and adults.

    To pass on this “two way manners” understanding, (from the heart and the formal), we decided to establish our manner salon.
  1. Human resource development
    To strengthen the manner power (=human power), people in leadership roles or those who are known as experts will lead the way, so that children and grown ups who have learned from them will be happy.
  2. To teach the real meaning of manner, and train people who can express their attitude with their hearts, not superficially - those people that have high EQ ability.
  3. Social contribution
    To make a peaceful and trouble free society, we have to care about people, animals, plants and all of nature in the whole world.
  4. To develop a comfortable and happy environment in the workplace, the home and the local community by learning our manner.
  5. To make the purpose clear, we study and analyze why these cultural and traditional practices have taken root, and then teach both sides of manners, which is heart and form /format.
  6. Other
    To develop the projects necessary for accomplishing our purposes.

Business Prospectus

  • Our projects outlined below are designed to develop a society in which people in Japan and all over the world will help each other and enable them to smile at each other.
Manner Training Projects
  • Manner communication for people who are known as experts.
  • Manner communication for children
  • Manner communication for business
  • Manner communication for family
  • Public manner for communication on a daily basis


Yoko Kazuki  Free-Lance Newscaster
Yumi Kurashima Manner consultant
Naoko Sugita Aroma therapist
Hiroko Nishide Manner consultant
Yoko Nitadori Writer/ Free-Lance Writer
Naoko Fujita Communication Assistant
Kiku Matsumoto Manner Instructor
Mieko Ruike Manner Instructor

Representative Director (President's) message

  • Thank you for visiting our Facebook page.
  • This association was established on February 2nd 2012.
  • It has been my strong belief for 25 years, since I was 21 years old, that manner is consideration from the other person's perspective, and this will make people smile with each other.
  • Smiling means that you are delighted bottom from your heart.
    This is why you smile.
  • We are trying to put our heart and soul into this true manner education, to spread this little smile to organizations such as a family, a school, a company, a society, and all over the world.
  • People are selfish by their nature.
    But when each person or each country care about this true manner, with consideration from the other person's standpoint, what will be the result?
  • I believe that we will have a much better society and world than we have now.
  • Those people who are referred to as “experts” such as politicians, lawyers, doctors and teachers, must set an example for the general public.
  • The pet industry has seen rapid growth in recent years.
    Many people treat their pets as a member of their family, so that they rely on the veterinarian, dog trainer, dog sitter and groomer.
  • However, in Japan at the moment people treat animals as objects.
    As a result, it's easy to run into trouble.
  • If we, human beings don't treat animals, plants, and nature with love, even though those are treated as an object by law, what is this country or this world coming to?
  • Thus, we are providing manner training for experts, schools and places of education, and business.
    Moreover, we are teaching how to communicate within the family, and manner education and manner communication for the parent and child.
  • Many people in Japan consider manner as a format by rules.
    But this type of manner is not courtesy, it is just ceremony.
  • We Japanese are perceived to be well-mannered by people from all over the world.
    When we show this “genuine manners” with heart, as a result we can naturally achieve a win-win result, and gain happy-happy relationship with people all over the world.
  • We are working to try and build a comfortable society with a smile.
  • We are happy to spread the genuine manners which is “manner = consideration = love” with you.
The heart of manner is the same all over the world.
The form of manner varies by country.

  • I want to make a smiling society for people, animals and plants by accepting the differences.
  • As a result, the number of people suffering from depression and suicide will decrease.
  • Communication of caring each other Manner communication is absolutely necessary for our lives.
  • Thank you for reading.
  • Yours sincerely,
      2012, June 4th
Hiroko Nishide
真心マナーの総合商社 ヒロコマナーグループ